Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hang on Guyz...! He Have a Big Plans... ;)

Guyz, as some of u known before, I school in Dian Harapan. In SMP, I was in Galatia. These schools are so different for me. I’m not talking about the facilities, the curriculum, etc. But the situation...

U know Guyz, when I school in Galatia, for 2 years, I’ve been doing adaptation for almost 2 years as a person who didn’t believe in GOD. N in those 2 years, I’ve know many people in Galatia. In my 2nd year, DAD called me to come back to HIM. When I start my life’s turning point, I wasn’t ‘alone’ there. I have friends who are same me. We were together, making a different in this school.

The different in Dian Harapan is, I don’t have friends who doing this thing same as me. I have to do adaptation from the beginning as HIS disciple, n actually it’s a bit strange for me, without my old friends who are still in Galatia or in the other school. As a human being, I felt afraid.

Sometimes, I thought… Why? Why DAD put me here, in DH school. N without my friends too. I remember that when DAD sends people for a mission, HE usually sends in a group. But why am I alone here?

It’s also a completely different from Galatia. From the outside, n the inside too. I felt like I’m getting into the new world which I never know before. Everything changed at a moment… For some months I kept trying to be a different. I tried to be a light there. But when I looked once again to my back, I felt that I have done nothing. Felt like nothings change in this school. Nothing…

When I kept thinking like that, I felt useless. It’s became so hard for me to be a different person from the others. N at last, I decided to have a talk with my CB teacher.

In my break time today, I take that time to have a talk with her. Trough my teacher, DAD tells me many things. She said that DAD must have a plan for me.

Maybe now I’m felt like I’m alone. But even it’s so, DAD still have a plan for me. HE put me in DH, because HE wants to bring me to the next level, by learning to be a real light every where n every time. Not just in a certain situation. Why HE didn’t give me a partner to do my ‘job’ in DH? Coz He wants me to learn. I remembered, when I was in Galatia, I can say that I’ve done good enough in a group [not actually… :P] So the next step is I should be a light, no matters I alone or with my friends. If HE kept all things like this, that’s means HE count on me. He knows that I can hold on to keep going here. :)

DAD also made me realize something. I’m not really alone, coz HE’s with me. HE trusts me HIS plan, a big plan for me to be a light n salt for this school. N when I surrender all to HIM, HE’ll give me a power to do more for HIM. That’s all things I need to know n believe, to make me hold on in this situation, even when others think that I’ll failed. :)

Guyz, I just want u all to know. No matters how hard the situation u’re, don’t give up…! Just hang on n surrender all to HIM. ;) I know that it’s hard for us. But, by HIS power, I know that nothings impossible for us.

Keep strong Guyz…! N I will too… ;) JBU n JLU…

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