Monday, February 18, 2008


Today in my school, I was walking in the corridor, going to my classroom. That time, I wasn’t really paying an attention to others except my way, coz I was thinking of my homework. But in that time, a woman voice called for my name. I turned back to see who’s calling for me. My Character Building’s teacher stood in front of me.

“Catherine, u’re not as friendly as before...” She said to me.

These words made me so surprise. Me? Friendly? Was? What…?

“Ha?” I just didn’t know what to say.

For some moment we were having a conversation about me. She said to me that before, when I met people, I always gave them my smile. She asked me, is there any problem with my relationship between me n DAD, that cause me didn’t ‘smile’ anymore.

When she passed by, I was thinking n evaluate... I realize that I forgot about how much smile means.

Guyz, just wanna share something I just remember today. Ur smiles bless others. With a simple smile, we can bless so many people that we meet. Smile is free, we don't have to pay anything for it…! So, why don’t we keep smiling? ;)


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