Thursday, February 21, 2008

Have U Become Ur self?

Hey Guyz… I won’t write so long this time. Just want to share what DAD has remembered me today. ;)

Yesterday in my school, I was supposed to make a Johari Windows. What is it? Check this out…! :)

So, in this table, we’ll fill box 1 with our characters that we know n others know. Box 2 with charactes that we don’t know, but others know. Box 3 characters that we know, but others don’t know. N box 4 leaved blank.

Guyz, let’s do evaluation…

How much character u don’t know, but others know (box 2)? The most are bad character, or good? If there any bad character, let’s turn it into good characters. ;)

How much characters that we have, that others don’t know (box 3)? Think about it. Why it’s so? Do u really have that character? Or u don’t? How come they don’t know it?

In box 4, u can see character that u know that u have n others know it too. It’s my main point. Realize guyz, that can see, how much ur openness to others in this box. More character, more opened are u. Have u really became ur self for this time? U can see it in box 1. ;)

Guyz, let’s check every our self. Are u just being ur self now? Or u used a mask to become someone else? A mask won’t make u being better human being. It’s okay to let others know ur bad character, so u can know it too n change it. ;) Don’t be afraid to be ur self Guyz… Coz u’re a unique person, no one else as same as u in this world. Ur precious in DAD’z eyes, no matter how others say. ;)


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nindafunky said...

Hai met kenal! Blognya bagus!
Ssst....pingin ngeklik dapat duit??
Silahkan klik di sini!