Friday, February 22, 2008

Jesus, My best Friend...!

Today is SMK day. Even when the light was still ‘down’, the SMK was still going. But, praise d Lord…! HE know our needs n HE’ll never late to give it for us. ;) About some minutes after the SMK began, the electricity came. The light was on…! :D

Today’s SMK is about ‘Alliance’. In the last time SMK, in this session, I got more about DAD n HIS daughter [me]. But for this time, I got more about a best friend.

Guyz, u know… When u have a friend, specially the one who close to u, u’ll share anything with them. When u have a problem, u’ll find them n tell everything. When u’re having fun, u’re having it together with them. What a nice relationship it is? :) But HE, our Jesus Christ, is more than it. HE is a friend who will never leave u alone. Even the total of ur hair, HE knows it. HE is ur ‘best of the best’ friend, who knows u more than anything. The Bible said that no friends better than the one who give HIS life for u… N guess who is it? It’s Jesus Christ… ;)

Guyz, He wants to be ur best friend. ‘Partner’ to whom u can share ur life. ;) The question is, would u be HIS best friend? :)


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