Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love Makes Nothing's Impossible

Today I was going to Dynamic Youth Community. After the service today, I was having conversation with the preacher today n some of her friend. They are from different part of country, like Alaska, Holland, etc. Then me n my friends went for eat. But that’s not my topic. The main topic shall begin after this. ;)

After we finished eating, I delivered my mentor to her house. Then I had my time just alone in my motorcycle, driving back to my house. I was having my conversation with DAD. That time, once again, DAD remembered me about something. :)

Guyz, ever u fall in love? U knows what… When u love someone, u’ll do everything for her/his, right? If u are doing ur job, n she/he called u, n want to talk to u, u’ll leave your job n go with her/him, isn’t it? It’s because u love them. :D

Guyz… I just want u to know something. DAD wants this kind of love. Loves that will make u leave everything for HIM. Love that makes u can sacrifice everything for HIM. When u’re doing ur job, n HE called for u, u’ll leave ur job n listen to HIM. ;)

I know it isn’t a simple thing. But, when u have ur heart that loving HIM, that’s not impossible. Coz love is the foundation that will make u can do everything for someone. ;)


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moccantosh said...

Hehehe...that's why EVERYTHING because Love...I do my job because I LOVE my Job...I love her because I love her so much...I praise and worship because LOVE DAD...