Sunday, February 17, 2008

HE Knows U n Stays with U

In that time when I felt like I’m alone in this huge world. The people that so close to me, became somebody that doesn’t know anything about me. It was so hard to know where should I go or what should I do.

But in that time, someone was there with me. Hold my hands n said, “I’m with u… And I know u more than anything…”

I know that voice… My DADDY’s voice… Words those full of love. Touched the deepest part of my heart... I couldn’t say anything. Just kept in silent, with my eyes full of tears.

Guyz... Just want u to know. When nobody’s want to be with u. When the world turn back their face from u. HE’s still with u. Take ur hand n lead u in HE’s way. HE knows u better than anybody in this world. So, don’t worry.; Count on HIM Guyz… N HE’ll never disappoint u. ;)

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